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Dear captains,
Recently we had received several reports about problems in mounting the net and lack of material in the bags of the net. Regarding the different problems:

MOUNTING/UNMOUNTING NET: Those problems were due to the fact that the nets are not placed back properly in the bags. To avoid knots, you should pay attention when unmounting the field's line and the net itself. You should avoid rolling the net. Instead you could fold it as if the net were a bed sheet. Do not deatach the buckles of one of the two poles when folding the net and roll only the final piece after folding horizontally 2-3 times. Finally roll the black lines around your arm.

LACK OF MATERIAL IN THE NET BAGS: We have noticed that there are nets with more material than they should have and others without it. It is very important to take care of the material. We will revise all the nets and if this happens again the two teams in charge of the net will be penalized of 1 point in the classification.

We hope in your cooperation to avoid future matches to be delayed and to take care of the materials.