In this section you will find answers to the most common questions:

Q1. What does PRBB members mean?

La ORG: Everyone who have or have had a PRBB access card + CMIMA employees

Q2. My team doesn’t have enough players to play, can I call somebody not registered and let him/her play?.

La ORG: Nooooooooo!!!

Q3. I want to play a match during tournament hours. Can I get a net at the reception?.

La ORG: No, during the days of the tournament the net is booked for the tournament.

Q4. I have to reschedule a match. Can I go down, pick up a net and play?.

La ORG: No, before picking up a net you should always advice the ORG! Have a look into Rules Section and check what you HAVE to do in case of rescheduling a game (you will score 0 points if you do not reschedule properly)

Q5. How do I know if I have to pick up the net for my match or not?.

La ORG: Each team has to agree with the opponent about who is going to pick up the net, to avoid confusion. If you are playing at 7pm, and there has been 4 matches at 6pm, in principle you should find your net already at the beach.

Q6. How many players can be registered for each team?

There is no limit. Except the category of 2x2 that there can only be 2 players.