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Registration rules

·There are 3 categories: 6X6, 4x4 and 2x2 (Not recommended for beginners)
·Team limit is 24 teams in the 6x6
·Team limit is 32 teams in the 4x4
·Team limit is 24 teams in the 2x2
·Each team needs its own user with a unique email registration.
·Team members should be from PRBB, but people from outside (external players) are allowed to play if the total number of external
players does NOT exceed 25% of the entire team (PRBB members includes everyone who has or has had an acces card to the PRBB + CMIMA
·At any time during the game, there must be at least two players of each sex per team on the field (both for 4x4 and 6x6), so make
sure you have enough players of the appropriate gender to comply with this rule.
·Registration deadline is March 11th
·Price: 30 euros category 6x6 / 25 euros category 4x4 / 10 euros category 2x2
·Additional 10 euros for each external player (not allowed in category 2x2)
·Payment has to be done at "Sala Rita Levi" next to the Ramón y Cajal Room in the inner square on March 11 and 12 from 1pm to 2:30pm.
Only cash.


·The championship starts on April 3rd and the grand finals & summer party will be celebrated on July 26th
·The championship consists of 3 rounds:
1) Qualifying round: Initial matches that enable us to divide the teams into leagues
2) Regular Season: Within each league every team plays every other team once, to score points that will decide the final ranking,
which determines who plays who in the Playoffs (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 etc.)
3) Playoffs: Elimination rounds to determine the best teams from each league of each category
·Mondays & Wednesdays will be used to play 6x6 matches
·Tuesdays & Thursdays will be used to play 4x4 matches
·Fridays will be used to play 2x2 matches
·It's permitted for teams to play with their own net, but they must notify La ORG that they aren't using a PRBB net. If this is not
done both teams will be penalised 1 point
·In emergencies, there is a 5th net available (on request by email to La ORG)

Before the game

·Set up the net: Instrutions are -->https://youtu.be/l7MWb1BIdAY?t=1m38s

·If matches are to be rescheduled (try to avoid this), follow these instructions:
0) Check for a free slot in the "Calendar" (there are a maximum of 4 slots per hour)
1) Contact opposing team's captain to organize the rescheduling (email contact provided under "Teams" ­ login required)
2) Come to an agreement with the opposing team's captain
3) Recheck if the slot is still available
4) In case slot is taken return to point 0), otherwise continue with point 5)
5) Contact ORG (bvprbb@gmail.com) with the opposing team's captain in CC, providing the details of the rescheduled game (old day & time, new day & time, your team's name, opposing team's name)
6) Wait for confirmation from La ORG
7) Play the game!!!

NOTE: Games that are played without proper approval from La ORG count as not having been played (0 points accumulated!)

After the game

·The captain of the winning team has to input the result under “My matches”. An email will be sent to La ORG and the two captains involved, so please do not cheat ;)
·We kindly ask you to introduce the points achieved in EVERY set to enable a direct comparison (e.g. Set1: 15-25, Set2: 25-23, Set3: 27-25). This information is needed only in the case of equal points and ratio of won:lost sets. Thanks for your help ;)

Game rules

·The first team to win 2 sets, wins the game (if it's already 2-­0, third set is optional and does NOT count)
·Sets are won by scoring 25 points (21 for 2x2) and having a lead of at least 2 points.
·If the score is 24­-24 (20 for 2x2): A Tiebreak ensues until a minimum lead of two points is achieved (e.g. 26­‐24, 27­-25, etc.)
·2x2 True Beach volleyball rules apply (as guidance) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PnUjqYSIw-eTBkeWNidGR6UWs/view?usp=sh...
·4x4 & 6x6 BVPRBB rules apply (as guidance) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WrYaywyrIVSJsfuBo-vcbar-mqG8KUzf7UGD...
·At all times during the game, there must be TWO players of each sex per team on the field (both for 4x4 and 6x6), so make sure you have enough players of the appropriate gender to comply.
·Similarly, at all times during the game there can be a maximum of 25% of players on the field, for each team, from outside the PRBB (or CMIMA).

Scoring rules

·The 3 point rule applies:
·2-0 = 3 points for the winner, 0 points for the loser
·2-1 = 2 points for the winner, 1 point for the loser
·Additional sets do NOT count, see Game Rules


·48h advance notice to the other team (and 24h MINIMUM to La ORG) is required in order to postpone a match: last minute notice MINUS
1 point (Exceptions: RAIN and EXTREME WIND)
·Absence without previous announcement: MINUS 1 point for the absent team + the match will be considered lost 2-0 unless the opposing
team agrees on rescheduling (we rely on fair play)
·Games played without proper approval from La ORG count as not played and score 0 points
·Violating the ‘min. 2 players of each sex on the field’ rule: MINUS 2 points
·Violating the ‘max. 25% external players per team’ rule: MINUS 3 points
·The two teams in charge of the net will be penalized 1 point for losing any piece from the net kit

Classification criteria

·It is done using following priorities:
1st Points
2nd Ratio of sets won (Won:Lost)
3rd Direct comparison
4th Difference between scored and lost points across all matches

-->There is always room to talk with the other team, but if there are disagreements La ORG will apply the rules!<--